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Granite Zone India Pvt Ltd. is one of the largest and most innovative natural stone processor in the world. As a top blend in the natural stone industry, we offer a extraordinary selection of Indian and Imported Granites. Exotic colors, poprietory options, unlimited sizes and superior finishes have established us as an industry leader for both interior and exterior applications pf Granite Stones. We are known around the world for our committment to sustainability, our pro-granite campaign, our dedication to premium quality and the unique relationships we form for our customers

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  • Granite Zone India Private Limited
  • Address:327/4A, 5A-5E, Medupalli Road, Shoolagiri (Union), Gollapalli (Village), Chennapalli Post, Hosur, TN, India - Pin:635117
  • Phone:+91-9487700739
  • Mail:granitezone@gmail.com

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